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Jul 12

2 Corinthians 5:7

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors , Books , Christianity , Religion , Spirituality , Uncategorized

“For we walk by faith, not by sight!” – 2 Cor 5:7

This quote for the day is quite appropriate as I celebrate two milestones this week. For starters, I write from Atlanta, GA as a participant in the annual International Christian Retail Show. It is the world’s largest retail show for Christian authors and artists, with representation from 58 countries. My faith walk in this competitive publishing industry began 10 ten years ago with a book subtitled, “Know God & Do the Will of God Concerning Your Life.” Five reprints later, the revised edition has been completed although not released to the marketplace quite yet.  Persistence, perseverance, and patience are key attributes when we serve others as ambassadors for Christ. That is why I write.

Next, I celebrate 51 years of life with my family and friends on this Saturday. God has blessed me with a beautiful bride, Gail, and three wonderful sons, Kevin, Chris, and Cameron. They are the joy of life and I am so proud of them all. They help me with ministry work, I have been enriched through my service to them, and I have total peace knowing that God protects them through my prayers.

Do not be distracted by what you see, for it is temporary.  Instead, walk by faith as we are instructed by the Word, for His Word never changes. It is by faith that I already know that God’s plans for the Give God the Glory! book series will flourish globally in 22 languages. It will happen when He decides that the time is right. That time is now! My meetings at this major international conference this week have confirmed what I know.

Stay encouraged and take that leap of faith.  It takes faith to please God.