Keep the Faith – Wednesday Word

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Aug 09

The 34th annual Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference has concluded and officially ended on July 29, 2017. In its current format – it is over…done…finished. However, it is just the beginning for a new chapter in the life of this author and writer.

You see, during the conference, I was approached by a major publisher and encouraged to submit a book proposal. At one point, the associate editor told me not to bother…”we want to sign you now.” In later discussions though, I was told to go ahead a prepare/submit the proposal. My target date is August 31st for a 5-book, multi-year publishing contract.

I share with you because I want you to keep the faith! Stay true to your dreams, goals and aspirations. With patience, they will come true. Keep working, keep striving and keep pushing…the light is shining on the other side of that tunnel (even if you can’t see it).



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