Remain Vigilant – Wednesday Word

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Aug 15

Vigilance is synonymous with “watchful.” It is a word that describes one’s creative juices with regard to alertly watching something, or someone, especially to avoid danger.

We presently live in troubling times and I am concerned about the state of our overall well-being. Maintaining balance – mind, body and spirit – is a goal that I have established for myself this entire summer. While extremely busy with speaking engagements, leading my local church, meeting with government agencies to present leadership training, writing a book proposal per the request of a major literary agency, I still find time to observe my surroundings and get adequate rest.

As I relax, restore and renew this week from Martha’s Vineyard, my final vacation away from the noise of the world, I am reminded to stay vigilant in my personal resolve to maintain a balance in my life. [Last year at this time, I was enjoying the 2016 Summer Olympic Games from the beaches of Rio do Janerio BRAZIL. Thus, I get away to watch the world around me through the daily news and daily conversations with family & friends. I encourage you to do the same. It is indeed refreshing to enjoy quiet time with peaceful bliss that follows. Try it…it’s good for your soul.


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