RESPECT – Wednesday’s WORD

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Sep 20

As we awaken of this day, we are still witnessing devastation across the globe as storms, monsoons, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires and mudslides reek havoc upon our fellow man and woman. Let’s have compassion as they ensure these massive storms and lose material items that they value and cherish. Please give your time, prayers and resources to help – by the grace of God, it could have been us!!

R – realize the pain that other feels as a result of massive loss of item or lives

E – expect the need for help and standby to assist

S – seek God on what you should do today and the coming weeks

P – prepare your heart and mind to do whatever you can to help others

E – be eager to offer assistance, whatever you can

C – care for their well-being

T – take the time to observe the damage and feel their pain.


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