Support – Wednesday Word

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Oct 04

On this day, I want to reminder us all (including myself) to lend a hand to others through our unwavering support. As a leader and pastor, I am always seeking ways to support others by bringing out the BEST in them. To this end, I have forged key partnerships and friendships with people from ALL walks of life as a means to support them in their respective endeavors.

Last week, one of the area schools called me to ask if I could speak some words of encouragement to 1,500 elementary and middle school students, and their fathers, for their men’s day program. I said “YES.” As a sign of support, I will inspire and motivate them all to doing their best in everything that they do – and to show support for others. We demonstrate our support as follows:



Willingness to commit

Acknowledging others

Valuing others

Will you show your support today. Change a life and smile!!

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