Leadership at its Core – Wednesday Word

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Oct 11

How do you know that you are actually ready and equipped to lead an organization, its people and/or the multiple initiatives that are required your undivided attention? Well, while there is no “1” answer for all, there are some basic principles and strategies that we need to maximize our success. They are:

Delegation – be comfortable when you assign work to others that they will perform

Attention-to-detail – pay close attention in the beginning, get good instructions and check in periodically

Trust – build a team around you that you can trust, short and long term

Appreciate – give applause regularly, publicly and privately, based upon the personality of your team. That may not say anything, but it is appreciated by them

Training – provide needed training on a recurring basis to keep skills sharp and crisp

Love – show unconditional love for all, both customers and staff. It goes a l-o-n-g way


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