Reach A Million – Wednesday Word

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Nov 01

Today is my 1st day of post-retirement following 34 years of total federal service combined with my private industry experience as well. Following a weekend of wonderful celebrations, I now embark on chapter two in this beautiful life – leadership development training for the current and next generation of leaders. To this end, I eagerly anticipate signing a multiple book contract with a major publisher in the coming days (this month) as an extension to all of the training, coaching and mentoring that will take place around the globe.

On this post-retirement adventure, I ask you to please join me in prayer as I solicit 10,000 family and friends to reach 100 each so that, ultimately, we reach 1 million readers. It is my hope that 1 million-plus people around the world have a thirst and hunger to be better leaders and manager with the intent to make this world a better place. Would you join me in this simple prayer?:

“Heavenly Father, in the spirit of educating and equipping a new generation of excellent leaders around the globe, I pray that 100 people that You designate will read and apply the contents in the “Leadership – With A Servant’s Heart” book series, authored by Kevin Wayne Johnson. I pray that, as a direct result, the difference will be heartfelt by these readers as well as the recipients of the practical and life-changing leadership principles and strategies that are read. Thank you for answered prayers. In Jesus Name – Amen.”

Repeat this prayer just once per week and collectively we will reach the next generation of leaders – together!!

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