Leading at Your Best – Wednesday Word

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Nov 08

Being and becoming a great leader requires your focus, dedication, persistence, patience and grit. I know – as a pastor as well as mid-level and senior-level in the federal government ranks for over 20 of my 34 year career, I’ve seen all types of personalities and abilities under my care as a supervisor, manager and leader.

I order to successfully maneuver through the challenges of leading others, here is what it takes:

Focus – requires you to laser in on the people that you are leading. Get to know them and their families

Dedication – be completely dedicated to their cause and what makes them tick. They will appreciate it when they feel valued

Persistence – stick with it. Do not give up on your people even when they choose to give up on themselves. Find a way to have them to believe in themselves

Patience – it takes a while to break through the hard shells of some of your people. That’s okay! Keep pressin’…

Grit – be “thick-skinned” as you work hard to lead you people. It takes a tough persona as you work through many obstacles, but you will persevere as good leaders always do.

Leading at you best requires all of the above. Get to it!!



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