Thanks Dad – Wednesday Word

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Nov 29

During my recent retirement from the federal government after 34 years of total service, I could not help but to use my dad’s most consistent phrase as I addressed the audience of 150 with my closing remarks during my official ceremony. The phrase is “Be prepared.”

Preparedness is an essential ingredient to our individual and collective success. Entering through open doors while we are ready (having been prepared) is the determining factor that will, or will not, propel us toward fulfillment, joy, fun and high achievement. Dad taught me this principle from childhood all the way through adulthood. He was consistent and persistent in his teaching. As I applied the principles, I quickly learned that it worked!

As I prepared my closing remarks at my retirement ceremony, I felt led to share this message with my colleagues, bosses, peers, mentors and mentees. I want them to enjoy success and longevity…do not quit. I want the same for YOU.

I implore you to study, focus, meditate, pray and work to improve your craft as a part of your daily preparation. When you do, you will not fail.

Thank you dad!! Peace and blessings…

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