Family! – Wednesday Word of Wisdom

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Dec 06

Following our Thanksgiving Day meal together and enjoying the fellowship and love, spending quality time with family is a cherished gift. What a joy to be with family during the holiday season! It is a time to reminisce and reflect upon the good times from the past and to look forward to much fun in the future.

The family is a unit of close and intimate love, concern and advocacy for one another. During this holiday season, remember to reach out to family members, near and far, and remind them of your love and genuine care for each of them. This is meaningful, uplifting and encouraging for all to enjoy and remember, especially during this time of the year.

One of my cherished memories is my family as we gathered together as “one” at my recent retirement ceremony after 34 years of total service with the federal government. I am thankful and grateful!!

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