Happy New Year – Wednesday Word of Wisdom

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Jan 03

Happy New Year to you and your family!

We should view the new year as an opportunity to begin anew. That is, revamp, restore, renew and reinvigorate your goals, dreams and aspirations. Seeds planted in 2017 (and before) should be cultivated and revived during the first month of 2018, then continue to nurture and stir for the results that you desire.

These are the exact steps that I am taking to ensure total and complete progress toward my goals:

Signing a new 5-book deal on leadership with a major publisher (seeds were sown in 2017 – a 67 page book proposal)

Speaking on the topic of leadership to over 500,000 attendees across the globe (seeds were sown throughout 2017 but especially during the latter half of 2017)

I move into my 5th year as senior pastor at the Accokeek First Church of God. Our theme this year is: GIVE. I will teach our members to be givers throughout 2018. This is how we usher in blessings.

I intend to win $500,000 (in value) federal and state government contracts for leadership development training. My target market is front-line, mid-level and senior-level leaders, both current and net generation leaders (seeds were sown since 2010 leading up to my recent retirement from the federal government on October 31, 2017). I have met with multiple key decision-makers and officials to position myself well.

Move out on your dreams; I am – Happy New Year!!



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