Persistence – Wednesday Word of Wisdom

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Jan 10

I happen to be entering into a season of “reflection.” At 57 years young, I just completed 34 years of total service with the federal government and retired, 18 years as a best-selling and multiple-award winning author, 20 years in active ministry work, and finally, beginning my 5th year as the senior pastor at a local church – a small, yet impactful local church. This year marks the end of the 5-year strategic plan that I presented to my church in lat 2013. The overwhelming majority of the goals and objectives have been accomplished over the last year or two.

I am not done. Now, I enter into an area that is desperately needed worldwide: LEADERSHIP TRAINING. In the footsteps of John C. Maxwell, I, too, am on a rampage to help to develop the current and next generation of leaders. The number of mentors, coaches, speakers and trainers is grossly lacking and I hope to fill this void in my own unique way.

At this point, “persistence” is the word that resonates with me the most. Here is what I have learned through the experience of being “persistent”:

Patience with others who do not quite your goals and aspirations

Gratefulness for the manifold blessings and learning along the way

Humility as a result of being too selfish and /or self-centered

Boldness to continue to work hard toward your individual and collective (on behalf of others) dreams

Focus on the issue at hand, bringing in others to assist and never stopping to achieve the desired outcome.

Your persistence will pay off in the end, but DO NOT STOP. There’s work to do…

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