Expansion – Wednesday Word

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Jun 27

New & exciting news…our weekly radio show since 2009 is moving to Television – online TV. The WBGR Network, based in the Washington, DC area, has welcomed us into their new launch to reach 1.2M listeners and viewers.

Beginning on July 6th at 9:30am (EST), we begin our new adventure to reach more and more listeners and viewers. Further, our broadcasts are taped and can be viewed on Amazon Firestick as well as ROKU TV, reaching up to 100M viewers. Whew!!

We will continue to share our tips about writing, publishing, book sales and will add “leadership” to the discussion.

As you expand your reach, continue to be professional, tactful, keep your word and give it your best. It’s a win-win to all involved. Stay focused and prosper…it is your destiny.






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