The Journey – Wednesday Word

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Aug 28

The month of August 2018 has been especially rewarding and challenging at the same time. I traveled A LOT this month across 7 states in the USA, 2 continents (USA and Africa) and three nations while in Africa – by car and airplane. I probably clocked over 10,000 total miles easily.

However, when I look back, it was an end to a means. You see, I strive to form new relationships during this phase of my life, build my business, continue to work my ministry and learn & grow in the process. It was a delight travel to each destination – 102nd camp meeting of the National Association of the Church of God, Martha’s Vineyard, Kenya Africa and West Palm Beach, FL. I had an important role as a leader at each stop and people were counting on me to be present and attentive. I was…but I also endured lost luggage, missed flights, hours of driving along the highways (as a driver and a passenger), overnight stays in hotels (some good and some bad) and hot nights without a/c. The lesson here is attitude (how we handle such) vice what happens to us.

It’s not always about the journey that leads to the ultimate destination. I wouldn’t necessarily repeat my travels for this month, but I would indeed chart the course again. The new friendships from the experience are immeasurable.


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