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Dec 19

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Uncategorized

When we do a great job and give our best efforts to excel, our clients call us back for a repeat performance.

My latest example is the work that I recently completed for a national men’s conference in Florida over the Labor Day weekend. At this conference, I was entrusted to facilitate a 90-minute leadership development training workshop followed by executive coaching. Well to everyone’s surprise, we had a standing room only crowd at the workshop and a waiting list for 30-minute sessions for executive coaching. All reviews were favorable.

Black Enterprise called me on last week to begin discussions for the 2019 conference and how we can make it bigger and better. In 2018, I was not paid as this was our first time working together, however, in 2019, I will be compensated on my terms. All it took was to do great work and leave a lasting impression. Also, from that experience, I will potentially earn the business of a prominent group of leaders in North Carolina for a job well done.

So….as we prepare for your next assignment, remember to wash, rinse and repeat in order to sustain your presence in the marketplace. Leave a favorable impression and make a difference. It works!!

Dec 12

The Season – Wednesday Word

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors , Books , Christian Living , Christianity , Devotions , Interview , John Maxwell , Leadership , Podcasts , Religion , Spirituality , Uncategorized

‘Tis the season to reflect and restore. We have all been moving at light speed with our business transactions, networking, engaging others and meeting various deadlines. To this end, we tend to be a bit fatigued as the end of the year approaches.

So…I encourage us all to take a step back, unwind and begin a period of relaxing and reflecting. It will recharge your batteries and set the tone for a successful 2019 and beyond. After all, your laser focus on what’s to come is the perfect set-up for great things that will happen.

Dec 05

Unity – Wednesday Word

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors , Books , Christian Living , Christianity , Devotions , Interview , John Maxwell , Leadership , Religion , Spirituality , Uncategorized

Today, our nation pays respect and honor to our 41st President of these United States. President Bush’s life will be replayed as we come together, with his extended family, to honor his life, his work, and his dedication to our country in his varied positions of responsibility.

What’s ironic about death is that it brings people together, albeit for a brief moment in time, as a sign of unity, togetherness & oneness. There is power in unity!! We set our differences (perceived and real) to the side, shake hands, hug each other, say “I love you,” and even shed a tear together. Death commemorates a certain closure to an era and its significance is endearing and long lasting.

So today, as we watch our former President’s funeral procession, honor his legacy, remember his leadership and reflect upon his service – both military and as a government civil servant – I ask that you also take the time to put aside differences and come together with your fellow U.S. citizens, take time to reflect upon this great life that the Lord has granted to us and be thankful that the 41st President crossed our paths. Even if you disagree with some of his policies and his leadership, he is a child of God. His family extended their hand to the 45th President with an invitation despite the past unkind rhetoric that was directed toward the Bush family during the recent presidential campaign.

Use today to reflect, celebrate, honor and promote unity. In doing so, we will honor the Lord through our actions.