After the Shutdown

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Jan 30

Now that the government is reopened, I used the past 35 days to carefully plan for such inconveniences. As a trainer and teacher for the government workforce amongst my clients, a large invoice was unpaid during this time and I felt a bit of pain as a result.

Moving forward, the lesson for us all is to plan more carefully, be on the lookout for minor setbacks by putting aside some extra funds, and to expand our portfolio of revenue streams. I took my own latter advice, and still supported government agencies that were not affected, and received my pay, but the largest invoice was “stuck” in the coffers of the one agency that was impacted. Fortunately, it will be paid this week!!

Stop, look and listen as we collectively and individually prepare for 2019 and beyond. We will be the better for this type of planning.

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