Walk by Faith – Not by Sight!

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Feb 20
Client list continues to grow & expand

Post-retirement is a wonderful time to cherish life’s accomplishments and to begin a phase of sole focus on helping others achieve their dreams. That’s where I am.

You see, I have discovered that our fulfillment in life is a direct link to how much we purposely help and assist others. That’s why I spend my days coaching, mentoring and training others. I can deposit into them what I did right and what I did wrong. It’s my sweet spot.

My pulpit reflects the work that I do in my business and ministry in the USA and abroad. In just one year (February 1, 2018 to February 1, 2019), many doors have been opened for me to utilize my God-given gifts – teaching, administration and leadership – to help churches, corporations, federal government agencies and non-profits, and their front-line, mid-level and senior-level workforce.

I would encourage you keep pressing forward and do not focus on what you “see,” but instead live out your dreams and aspirations that will, in turn, open doors beyond your ability to open for yourself. It’s about others, not ourselves.


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