Lead by Example!

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

Mar 20

Maxwell’s quote is self-explanatory but is it achievable. I say “yes.” Yes because it is in the “doing” that we realize that we can accomplish more than we ever imagined. Following 34 total years of service as a mid-level and senior-level government employee, combined with 20 years of ministry experience in positions of increasing responsibility in the USA and abroad, I can attest that leadership begins with the “doing.”

In post-retirement, as I pour into the lives of the next generation of leaders, I share plenty of personal stories to encourage others to “do” what they want to accomplish in this great life. When they “do,” miraculous things happen and that brings boldness to stat working toward the next goal, dream and/or aspiration. Saying “yes” is what propels us closer and closer to realizing our potential.

So…leadership begins with doing what your heart is leading you to do. Thus, you become the example that others look to in all areas of your life. Start today!!


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