The Joys of Coaching

By Kevin Wayne Johnson | Authors

May 01

This is International Coaching Week across the globe. Coaches help people to achieve their goals through strategic questions that brings out the potential that already resides within.

Unbeknownst to many of us, our goals, aspirations and dreams are achievable but we often need someone in our lives to help “push” us toward greatness. That is the role of a coach. I am delighted to serve in this capacity as a certified coach through The Johns Maxwell Team! It’s a joy to assist others during this journey.

You see, a coach will help you to:

a. See a problem through a different lens

b. Answer open ended questions to the extent that you will see that the answer already lies within you

c. Identify and address tough situations with tactfulness and grace.

As you consider a coach, how can I assist?

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