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Employees at all levels in the workplace feel undervalued, marginalized, and underappreciated in more ways than one. U.S. companies spend $160 billion annually on employee training and education, in the midst of a $366 billion industry, yet: 

  • Fifty-eight percent of managers said they did not receive any management training.
  • Seventy-nine percent of people quit their job due to lack of appreciation.
  • Seventy-seven percent of organizations report they are currently experiencing a leadership gap.
  • Only ten percent of CEOs believe their company’s leadership development initiatives have a clear business impact.
  • Sixty-three percent% of Millennials said their leadership skills were not being fully developed.

Changing the trends

To reverse these troubling trends, Leaders Are Learners™ Academy aligns with the vision of Kevin Wayne Johnson, CEO, The Johnson Leadership Group LLC, as an extension of his growing leadership development training and executive coaching firm.

The Academy offers leadership training in an e-learning environment that includes up to 25 Master Classes, Lunch & Learns, and Keynotes with e-books, that can be accessed individually or through a monthly subscription plan. Courses include:

  • Student Workbooks
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Tri-fold Brochures
  • Videos
  • Exercises
  • Certificates of Graduation, where applicable

Courses are updated monthly!

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3 Courses

If your life in any way connects with other people, you are an influencer. Becoming a person of influence, is all about who you are as a person.

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3 Courses

There are five (5) CONNECTING principles that lead to improved communications. Learn to improve your everyday communication skills. 

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Dealing with Change

NEw Workshop

 In these very challenging and conflicting times, we all certainly could use some world changing behaviors. Wouldn't you agree?

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Meet Your Instructor

KEvin Wayne Johnson

As Founder and Chief Executive of The Johnson Leadership Group LLC, and Chief Visionary for the Leaders Are Learners™ Academy, Kevin provides organizations, and the people who work within them, with the tools to forge effective personnel and interpersonal communication. He delivers training on the elements of dynamic relationships, to equip teams with the attitudes and attributes needed to develop individuals into leaders. 

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Becoming a Person of Influence

If your life in any way connects with other people, you are an influencer. Whatever your vocation or aspiration is, you can increase your impact with simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others. Watch your personal and organizational success go off the charts!

Becoming a person of influence, is all about who you are as a person and how you treat those around you. People can be influenced by all kinds of traits and personalities, but a true person of influence does so by meeting the needs of those people around them. Each focus area (there are 10) outlines a different function a person of influence has with those which they come into contact with. A person of influence has:

  • Integrity & Nurtures
  • Faith & Listens
  • Understands & Enlarges
  • Navigates & Connects
  • Empowers & Reproduces

Lunch & Learn Seminar

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

What the Most Effective People Do Differently

There are five (5) CONNECTING principles & practices that lead to improved communications. This masterclass is tailored to meet your specific needs that will improve your everyday communication skills. I have been trained by the John Maxwell team and I will teach the principles & practices as follows:

  • Influence / Others
  • Communication / Energy
  • Skill / Common Ground
  • Simplicity / Experience
  • Inspire / Credibility


Put Your Dream to the Test

What Will You Learn

The ten-step Dream Test forms a framework for people to examine different aspects of their dreams including ownership, clarity, reality, passion, pathway, people, cost, tenacity, fulfillment, and significance. When people can answer “yes” to each of the 10 questions, the likelihood that they will achieve their dreams significantly improves.

Whether you've lost sight of an old dream or you are searching for a new one within you, “Put Your Dream to the Test” provides a step-by-step action plan that you can start using today to see, own, and reach your dream. 

  • Ownership / Clarity
  • Reality / Passion
  • Pathway / People
  • Cost / Tenacity
  • Fulfillment / Significance

“We are pleased to highlight our 25 leadership development courses in the areas of influence, growth, leading through crisis, faith, communication, success, DISC, intentional living, self-awareness, achieving your dream and change management, just to name a few,” says Johnson. “The Academy exists to supplement, support and complement existing leadership development programs and courses for the current and next generation of leaders. I look forward to serving them all.”

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